What is VAST?

The Vandal Atmospheric Science Team (VAST) is the NASA Idaho Space Grant Consortium student high-altitude scientific balloon program for the state of Idaho. The goal of VAST is to develop the capability to design, build, test, fly, and recover high altitude science and engineering instrumentation. To date, VAST has launched over 15 science payloads, reaching altitudes in excess of 100,000 feet (where the distance to the horizon given a clear day is 390 miles).

Who can participate?

VAST is a multidisciplinary project open to students of all class levels (including high school) and from any discipline. The project provides valuable experience for student participants in the areas of teamwork, documentation, communication, and other technical areas that students can use to boost their educational experiences at the university (and have fun!).

How do I get involved?

University of Idaho students sign up for ENGR 205 (Fall) or ENGR 206 (Spring).

Moscow K-12 students, talk to Pat Blount (Physics teacher).

If you are a high school student in Genesee, ID talk to Jen Pollard (Physics teacher). 

If you are not in the Moscow area but still want to get involved send us an e-mail or give us a call. We are always looking for new enthusiastic contributors!

Contact Us

For any questions regarding VAST, please feel free to contact:

 Flight DirectorJonathan Hansonhans3767@vandals.uidaho.edu 
 Asst. Flight DirectorCaleb Smithsmit9737@vandals.uidaho.edu

Specific project or hardware questions may also be directed to associated Team Leads.