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April 22, 2013

Tuesday Apr 23, 2013 - Team Lead Meeting
  • Exo-Brake Launch
    • Will not launch this semester
  • Post Flight Report
    • Complete
  • Reminder to begin work on end of semester papers
    • 1-2 pages
    • Email to Kevin
      • He will compile a complete report and send to Dave
    • Address the following
      • What your team worked on this semester
      • What was launched, how everything worked
      • Next semester plans for the team
      • Future plans or crazy ideas that you have for your team or the program
      • What experience the team lead or program leadership position has given you
  • Send me a list of who is on your team, what grade is deserved, and any notes or comments about the student
  • Leadership
    • Who is returning?
    • Name assistant team leads
  • Put post flight presentations up on the website, under the 2012-2013 March 30 launch tab.
Wednesday Apr 24, 2013 - 2 hour class
  • Pass out roster sheet 
  • Log Book check this week
  • Friday - EXPO
    • Each team put some items together to display at Expo
    • Let's get everything in a box so that we can just take that on Friday morning
  • Fill out the inventory sheets
    • Document what we have
    • Document where it's at
  • Team leads
    • Lets stick around and see if Potlatch students will need any last minute questions answered
  • Moscow High School Presentations
    • Will be showing their designs that will be flown in May
  • Nathan from Lewiston will be presenting his senior design presentation