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November 11, 2013

Team Lead Meeting - Monday

  • Post flight goals
    • Get them on the website
    • Update website info
  • Post-flight report
    • Fill out
  • Discuss the Flight Handbook
  • Tutorials
    • Discuss readiness
Class - Wednesday
  • Attendance / Notification Issues
  • Carl Sagan's thoughts on the "Pale Blue Dot" 
  • Tutorials
    • Arduino Tutorial
      • Getting started with Arduino
    • Solidworks Tutorial
      • Draw some basic shapes
    • Main goal of these tutorials
      • Decrease the learning curve for learning new things
      • Interdisciplinary knowledge and experience is extremely important for this class and the future
      • All engineers should understand what other types of engineers' software does, and what it is capable of
      • The more knowledge and exposure you gain, the better off you will be, be you engineer or not
    • Next semester
      • Tutorial on Comm systems, GPS basics
      • Tutorial on how heat effects electronics in near vacuum environments
        • Our temperature sensors may record -55 deg C, but the electronics have no way of allowing their own heat to escape since the air is so thin
  •  Date Wednesday Class
    11/13 Tutorials
    11/20 Tutorials
    11/27 Thanksgiving
    12/4  MHS, Jen's Class Presentations
    12/11 MHS, Jen's Class Presentations
    12/18Finals Week