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November 12, 2014

  • Sign-in Sheet
  • Got our payload back!!!!!!  ...mostly
    • Retrieved AIO microtrak
    • Retrieved GoPro camera
    • Retrieved (expired) plant DNA
    • Retrieved Parachute
    • Did NOT retrieve Iridium modem
    • Did NOT retrieve datalogger
      • May be up in woods
      • May be somewhere between Sprauge and McCroskey State Park
      • Will probably send a team up to try to find it soon
  • Presentations (NEXT Wednesday, 19th)
    • What your team did
    • Results
      • Plots, data, conclusions
        • Probably not much plotting and data from this launch
    • What went well
    • Diagnose areas for improvement
      • What went wrong
        • More importantly - why?
        • How to prepare against this for future launches?
  • Logbooks Due (NEXT Wednesday, 19th)
    • Include "lessons-learned" entry about launch (should take you ~15-30 min)
      • At least 2 things learned
        • Include why each thing is important/useful
      • At least 1 thing to improve on 
        • Include how you will implement your improvement
  • Eclipse launch Presentation - Susie Johnson (NEXT Wednesday, 19th)
  • NASA longitudinal tracking forms
    • If you did not fill these out two weeks ago, please fill one out today
  • Break up to do team project work!