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October 28, 2013

Team Lead Meeting - Monday

  • Post flight goals
    • Get them on the website
    • Update website info
  • Post-flight report
    • Fill out here
  • Tutorials
    • Is this something that we can/want to pursue?
    • We will use some Team Lead Meeting time to work on this.

Class - Wednesday
  • Launch Attendance
    • Who will need to do something extra for missing launch day
    • Probably go to Jen's class and do some demonstrations of Newton's 3 laws for 6th - 8th graders
      • Witkoe will be leading this effort
  • Attendance
    • Be sure to attend class and fill out the sheet!!
  • Longitudinal Tracking Forms
    • If you filled one out last year, you do not need to do one again
  • Presentations
    • Each team present launch data, results, and conclusions
  • Plan for rest of semester

    •  Date Wednesday Class
      10/30 Presentations
      11/6 Design Process Lecture
      11/13 Tutorials
      11/20 Tutorials
      11/27 Thanksgiving
      12/4  MHS, Jen's Class Presentations
      12/11 MHS, Jen's Class Presentations
      12/18Finals Week

  • Future Projects Discussion
    • Discuss which major things to pursue
      • Structures
        • Parachute Deployment Mechanism
        • Foam Cutter Device
        • Snowflake Scale Modeling and Investigation
        • Model to determine ascent rate
          • Based on payload mass and lift in the balloon
      • Comm
        • Work with Ham club
          • LAN
          • Use different frequencies and get packets onto I-gates
        • Analog circuit to adjust transmission rate
        • Set up chat network for launch day communications
          • Other means of improving communication between vehicles and someone with Internet access
      • CDH
        • Data logging board with enhanced sensor suite
          • IMU, other sensors
        • Improve cut down system
          • Nichrome vs pin-puller
          • Smaller package, smaller battery, determine best method of integrating wires to Iridium system
          • Backup cutdown timer on board?
      • Science
        • Continue work on Fishnauts for Talapia water temps
        • Develop better method to regulate water temperature
          • May need to steal an interested CDH team member?
      • Imaging
        • Work on NIC display project
        • Get data on website, videos on Youtube, etc