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October 7, 2013

Team Lead Meeting - Monday

  • October 5th
    • Nice day, of course
    • Jet stream was still fairly strong, was still better to wait
  • Launch is still planned for October 12th.
  • Snowflake
    • Not launching
  • Iridium Telemetry package
    • PCBs are now fully populated
      • Still need to do RF connectors?
    • Mitch is testing
  • Fishnauts
    • Update
  • To Do
    • Get preflight and post flight checklists to Brandan
    • Updated Mass sheet
    • Prepare box for Iridium
      • Power required?
Class - Wednesday
  • Attendance
  • Waiver forms
  • Drivers
    • Who is registered to drive University vehicles?
  • Sign up for a spot
    • Everyone will need to sign up for a spot in the vehicles
  • Does anyone want to drive a personal vehicle?
    • Preferably a truck, we need to carry the helium tanks
  • Launch Status
    • Looks like we will have to cancel
      • Saturday: jet stream is weak but cloud cover is bad
      • Sunday: jet stream is strong and cloud cover is zero
    • CNR vehicles cancelled
    • If the weather drastically improves, then we may take a small team of private vehicles out to launch.
      • I will make a final call on launch Thursday evening and email the class.