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September 23, 2013

Team Lead Meeting - Monday

  • Snowflake
    • Marc is waiting to hear back from Travis Fields about Snowflake
  • Iridium Telemetry package
    • Received PCBs on Friday afternoon
    • Received surface mount parts from Ames
    • Will put together for Greg to solder tomorrow
  • Fishnauts
    • Update
  • Team Updates
    • Are we launch ready for this weekend?
  • Let us draw the capsules to ensure we are on the same page
  • Integration testing on Wednesday
    • Are we prepared to do this?
  • I think it is best to push back the launch date to October 5th.
Class - Wednesday
  • Attendance
  • Waiver forms
  • Launch Roster
  • Updates
    • Snowflake
      • We should receive next Tuesday or Wednesday
    • Fishnauts
      • Amanda?
  • Draw capsules on the white board
    • Structures team
      • Responsible for getting block diagrams of capsules, equipment, line lengths, etc on the website by end of today
      • Need mass estimates from any group?
  • Launch and Recovery Manager Checklists
    • Brandan will be coming around to each team to get pre and post launch procedures
      • Be sure to give him info!!!!
    • Each team should write up criteria to gauge flight success
      • ie, keep water at 70 deg +/- 3 degrees
      • Receive 95% of microtrack packets throughout duration of flight
      • etc
      • I would like these put on the website today
        • Place under the Launches Page
  • Email Access
    • Ingrid Kooda -
    • Kevin Witkoe -
    • Brandan Nelson -
  • Integration testing today!