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April 2014 Pre-flight goals

Leadership Flight Goals
  • 100% class participation
  • Recover the balloon and all equipment
  • Launch before 9 AM and recover before 12 PM

C&DH Flight Goals
  • Log Temperature and Pressure data for the duration of the flight
  • Receive Iridium GPS packets
  • Send cutdown command at 70,000 ft.
  • Log IMU data for the duration of the flight

Comm Flight Goals

  • Receive 90% of Microtrack packets
  • Have Microtracks change broad cast frequency at 10,000 ft
  • Receive multiple ground packets after the payload has landed
  • Have 2-way communication between recovery vehicles

Imaging Flight Goals

  • Take pictures and video for the duration of the flight
  • Capture video of the balloon cutdown/ burst
  • Capture video of the parachute's performance

Science Flight Goals
  • Launch and recover fish eggs
  • Maintain internal water temperature of 70 F
  • Record water temperature and pressure for the duration of the flight

Structures Flight Goals
  • Balloon ascent rate of ~1000 ft/min
  • Fully deploy parachute
  • Cut down balloon train near 90,000 ft
  • Teach young team members flight day procedures