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May 2, 2015

Launching from Washtucna, Washington:

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Track the Payload!!!
  • MicroTrak Model   --   Callsign
  • MicroTrak AIO   --   W7UQ-1   (Tx Rate: 4m; Offset: 5s)
  • MicroTrak 8000FA   --   W7UQ-6   (Tx Rate: 8m; Offset: 2s)
  • MicroTrak 8000FA   --   W7UQ-7   (Tx Rate: 8m; Offset: 4m 2s)
 - In  order to track all of the microtraks at the same time, enter each of the call signs, separated with commas, into the  "Track callsign" box.
 - Offset occurs at the top of the hour

Pre-Flight Goals:
    This flight will consist of two payloads: an upper and a lower payload.  The upper payload will feature Lone Pineapple, Iridium, two microtraks, multiple cameras, and a commandable cut-down sytem.  The lower payload will feature the Senior Design Team's guided parafoil system with a gopro and a microtrak.  The main goals of this launch are: (1) to test the Lone Pineapple data-logging and parachute deployment system (this system will also act as a secondary cut-down system with a command from the Iridium system), (2) to test the commandable cut-down system, (3) to further test the Iridium system, and (4) to test the Senior Design Team's guided parafoil system.


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