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October 2014

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Mass Sheet
Track the Payload!!!
  • MicroTrak Model   --   Callsign
  • MicroTrak AIO  --   W7UQ-1 / W7UQ-2   (above 10,000 ft / below 10,000 ft)
  • MicroTrak 8000FA   --   W7UQ-5
Note: In  order to track all of the microtraks at the same time, enter each of the call signs, separated with commas, into the  "Track callsign" box.


Post Flight Report

Post Flight Preliminary Presentation

Executive Flight Summary
Overall the flight was mildly successful.  Our intended payload included the new Iridium telemetry system, a few samples of plant DNA, and C&DH's data logging system with new code that needed flight testing.  

C&DH Flight Summary

Comm Flight Summary 

VAST experienced some interesting complications this past launch and, despite each wrench in the plan, Comm team still had a very successful launch.  While the payload was not recovered the day of launch, some complications (such as 200-ft tall trees) are no fault of the efforts of the team.  The payload was located the afternoon of launch, which is a testament to the success of the communications equipment despite the need to cut out the dual-redundancy in favor of reduced weight.

Additionally, while the 32 minutes of silence from the payload was cause for alarm during recovery, there is no indication it was an equipment malfunction.  Instead it seemed to be simply a factor of the decently heavy cloud layer the balloon passed over.  In spite of this, several ground packets were still received thanks to the functional altitude switch and the coordinates placed recovering team members at the base of the tree in which the payload was located.

Though not all of the flight goals were accomplished, the Comm equipment and the team’s procedures nevertheless proved effective at tracking and locating the payload.  Such a result should unquestionably be viewed as indicative of a successful effort by the team

Imaging Flight Summary

All things considered, the launch was relatively successful. We got to launch a camera, it was recovered, and there was a good amount of video recorded to work with.

Science Flight Summary

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we were unable to successfully complete our plant DNA experiment, however we were able to better streamline the process which should make the experiment's next launch even better.

Structures Flight Summary