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October 2014 Pre-Flight Goals

October 2014 Pre-Flight Goals

Leadership Flight Goals
  • Make sure nothing is forgotten/left-behind at the ham shack on launch day
  • Make sure each team works together smoothly 
  • Make sure required flight plans are filed and predictions made
  • Save predicted landing and compare it with actual landing
  • Record pertinent data on launch day (time of launch, temperature, sky conditions, etc)

C&DH Flight Goals
  • Fly current data logger with new software that cuts of extra and irrelevant data from the start and end
  • Fly new Teensy logger to record the same data as the current data logger.
  • Compare the two data sets to see just how much more accurate the Teensy is than the current logger.
Comm Flight Goals
  • Recover the payload
  • Receive at least 90% of MicroTrak packets
  • Successfully switch at altitude threshold
  • Receive at least one ground packet
  • Communication maintained between all recovery vehicles

Imaging Flight Goals

In preparation for launch, I would like to understand the new camera that Imaging team purchased. Doing this would help the launch, from my team's perspective, run much more smoothly. In conjunction with my previous point, I would also like to make sure that my team proficiently understands how to use the GoPros and new Lumix camera.

Science Flight Goals

Structures Flight Goals